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Security Sector in Kosovo – an advanced democratic model

Kosovo has an advanced model of democracy for it’s security institutions.

We are talking in this video about the security sector, the level of professionalism, the model, concept and the way of doing it in the community.
Kosovo has built high democratic standards for security institutions.
They are inclusive, transparent, accountable, ready and contributors to security in Kosovo.
They are prepared and assist the region and wider on issues related to regional or global security.

Kosovo soldiers have contributed side by side with democratic states in building and providing security in various countries.

Kosovo Police has demonstrated high level of professionalism and cooperation with the community, institutions and various states.
Community policing is the democratic philosophy that catacretizes the Kosovo Police.

The Intelligence Community in Kosovo is young, modeled on higher democratic standards, developed in cooperation with Western partners. Many times, Kosovo through the professionalism of its intelligence community has helped states in the region avoid serious security situations.

Kosovo has built democratic security institutions that respect and promote fundamental human rights and freedoms.
These principles are ensured in its modern Constitution of 2008.

Kosovo is the opposite example of Serbia. Not only in terms of geopolitical orientation, but also in democratic standards for the security sector.
The Constitution of Serbia has no General Constitutional Principles for democratic governance and oversight of the security sector.

The comparison with Serbia’s model of security institutions is made to clarify the conceptual differences between democratic Kosovo and Serbia remaining hostage to autocracy.
So not only has the Chief of Serbia’s Secret Service been blacklisted by the US administration, Serbia remains further in the undemocratic model of security governance.


Technically implemented:
Flodian Kuçi and Rilind Kuçi


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