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Conflicts in 2024

Conflicts in 2024

Can we stop things falling apart?

2024 begins with wars… and peacemaking in crisis.

Worldwide, diplomatic efforts to end fighting are failing.

More leaders are pursuing their ends militarily. More believe they can get away with it.

This conclusion of the International Crisis Group Commentary on 1st of January 2024, looks like accurate.

The world today is less safe than in 2019, much more uncertain than in 2013 and so on.

Just look in real time where the main conflicts and wars around the world are!

Let’s take a look with Global Conflict Tracker – a great platform you can find at Council on Foreign Relations – a non-profit and nonpartisan membership organization.

International Crisis Group Commentary on 1st of January 2024 says that more leaders are pursuing their ends militarily.

As it says:

Around the globe, more people are dying in fighting, being forced from their homes or in need of life-saving aid than in decades.


Do not overlook the potential of conflict in the Western Balkans.

Serbia is playing the Russian game. The game of fire, conflict and war.

Serbia has been open for more than a decade now for the Russian game.

Russia established an espionage center in Serbia in 2012. Since then, Russia through Serbia has been spying on NATO states in the Balkan region and Europe.

NATO was forced to increase troops in Kosovo at the end of September 2023 due to Serbia’s threats.

Serbia even tried to surprise and challenge Kosovo and NATO through a Paramilitary Group at the same time.

NATO has increased the number of soldiers in Kosovo.

This playing of Russia through Serbia is extremely dangerous because it attempts to create a new conflict zone in Europe.

Thus, there would be other conflicts within Europe, and the West would have to divert attention from Ukraine.

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